Swahili Fashion week - AKEBUMORPHI 2018

Journey with us behind our latest collection debut at Swahilli Fashion week.

Featuring jewellry designer Michelle Ndebele shot by the talented Lilian Magari (Flaviana).


In celebration of womans month, we invited four women to talk about what they regards the ups and downs that come with being a woman.
For our sisters: Your entire life is a paradox and you are expected to live through it and take it in stride...
...You are the balance of life's polarity. You are the bearer of life.
Stand up. Walk tall. Lead. Pettiness cannot deter your life's mission.
Live as the woman you were made to be. Love, just like the essence of your being. You have an entire world to change"

- Yolanda Soginga

Kahvarah founder, Valerie Amani, speaks about "Owning Your Story" on the TedxTableMountain Stage. She highights the importance of individuality and turning your trash into treasure.

Lovers, friends, acquaintances or strangers; we are all wonderfully different. In this short film we explore a day with two models on a shoot... with a back story that is open to interpretation.

The soft spoken words are part of a letter of love, urging one person to not give into the pressure of this world that make them feel less worthy because of the colour of their skin.

We all have our insecurities and doubts along with being programmed to view beauty in a certain way. In this short film we try and encourage everyone to reclaim their own views of beauty and see the world and themselves in a new light.