From stills to films: Fashion with a purpose 

May 15, 2016

Fashion statements have gone beyond just garments hanging gorgeously on our bodies. They are an expression of who we are, what we want the world to know about us and for fashion fanatics, they are a way of projecting a meaningful purpose. So what better way to express our love for clothes than motion picture?
Photography has always been one of the driving forces behind the success of the fashion industry as a whole. Just like the clothes and trends themselves, fashion images have been a largely influential facet in fashion. Pictures are intriguing and have the ability to tell a story without so many words while leaving the spectator with their own interpretation of the image.

But in fashion, people have the insatiable hunger for innovative ways to express their statements. Yes we love and adore the outsanding stills, but how about we bring the pictures to life. How about we display our clothing in a real and relatable way. 

Gone are the days when models are just walking mannequins or some rare breed of superhumans. They are now you and me, and we have a voice. With the evolution of fashion films, we are given an opportunity to experience a story. We are able to experience different parts of the designers mind. With fashion films, the phrase “Living through art” is a literal phrase with an abstract meaning.

Because Kahvarah regards itself as more than just a fashion brand by challenging social issues and addressing them through art – fashion films have become our main driving force to deliver our message. 

This Mother’s Day we had the pleasure of working with inspiring, talented and driven young individuals to shoot our next and much anticipated fashion short, ‘Stories from a woman’s heart’. Which is a story that will try to paint the beautiful picture of being a woman and things that women have to go through on a daily basis.

What a amazing coincidence to have shot our film on a day where we celebrate all the beautiful women who bore and raised an entire planet. We believe women are the cradle of human kind and our aim is to portray their journey in a way any woman would’ve intended to – real and sincere and beautifully unique. 

words: Yolanda Songinga

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