Bet on yourself…

March 10, 2015

“Bet on yourself”

Inspiring words taken from Sophia Amoruso’s recent book, words that mirror the very core of what our brand stands for.
So many people and products always promise to be the solution to your problems, it seems the world is always encouraging us to look elsewhere if we want to succeed; a secret formula or a to-do list for happiness and success, and somehow the only thing these all need to really say is “the power is in You” – there, no need to buy another best-selling self-help book anymore.
Believing in yourself not only gives you the courage to tackle each day focused on what you want to achieve, but also keeps you grounded in your own strength. As a brand which is 4 5 seconds from launching (yes we just referenced that song) we have bet on ourselves, that we are going to inspire encourage and succeed, and we want people to start betting on themselves to.
If you really think about it, what is the alternative? If you aren’t betting on yourself, if you aren’t giving yourself the highest goals, and encouraging yourself to grow and be better then who exactly are you doing it for? Are you even doing anything at all?
You either live to fulfill your destiny, or you live to watch others fulfill theirs. Well, we say life is so much better in the driver’s seat, and wearing some kick ass clothes while winning the race never hurt anyone.



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