Kahvara before Kahvarah

August 15, 2014


Ok I haven’t really said much about the brand as a whole, to be honest I underestimated the work that goes into putting a collection together let alone starting your own business. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just wake up and decide I want to own my brand… nope. I think I did everything possible to distract myself from starting a brand, but it seems when your heart really REALLY wants something. It won’t let you be.

In my final year of completing my economics degree ( i spent more time in the library reading fashion books than i did eco’s books), i came across a few people who were interested in my designs, and among those people was Gerald Machona (http://www.artthrob.co.za/Artists/Gerald-Machona.aspx – check that out)  an amazing photographer who took pictures of my very poorly contracted garments.

When i was asked what the brand was called, I remember my little brother once came up with an idea to mash all our siblings names together… Ka (Kaneja), Va (Valerie) and Ra (Rachel). It sounded so pretty and nice and basically because we share DNA his idea is also mine right… lol. Anyways he got over the fact that i used his name. The h’s in the name are just added for pronunciation purposes. Also i like the shape of a capital H.

Long story short, came up with the first logo in 2011, did the photoshoot then…. *crickets* i had no fashion experience other than playing around on a sewing machine. SOOO 3 years later and I’m almost done with my fashion degree with the encouragement of friends and family Kahvarah has resurrected and here are some before pictures (taken by Gerald) i found that made my heart smile (that time I had econometrics to study for -__-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone ^_^




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